Professional, software-supported workflow for all aspects of printing inks (featured by QuadTech)

hu-track facilitates fast, accurate press-side correction of ink formulations. Without any hardware modifications to the press, hu-track software seamlessly integrates with ink recipe software to not only simplify workflow, but also dramatically reduce the number of ink corrections needed to achieve accurate, optimal color. 

Meeting the quality and consistency demands of brand owners has become increasingly difficult. QuadTech, in partnership with ColorConsulting, has developed a "color expert in a box" that automates the process of delivering absolute consistency from press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant.

With human color experts, three to five color corrections on startup are typical for a new job—or even six to eight for difficult colors. hu-track can achieve more accurate color in one or two corrections. hu-track is the only software solution that offers this level of press-side connection between color measurement and ink management. 

hu-track User Interface


  • Direct connection from customer inputs — data files, product examples, ink samples, digital formula guides, color books, etc. — to ink recipe creation, to press-side correction
  • Easy-to-use operator user interface requires little training 
  • Press-side recipe correction
  • Accurate inline and press-side spectral measurement
  • Optional, patented web stabilizer increases color measurement accuracy on a variety of substrates by stabilizing the web during inline measurement, and utilizing ISO-conforming black & white backing tiles for transparent materials.
  • Single solution for color measurement and ink recipe correction
  • Integrates with ink recipe software: Search databases for the best recipe match
  • Optional Job Setup module allows complete job configuration off-press, saving setup time on-press. Job data is immediately available to the ink kitchen and the pressroom
  • Store and quickly recall commonly-run jobs, set up next jobs remotely, set up the next job while the current job is running.
  • Manage and correct overprints
  • Ink consumption monitoring with "virtual ink scale" alerts operators to remaining ink levels, eliminates the need to add ink scales for each tank.
  • dE best match function based on ink strength adjustment, and "perifarbe" color correction calculation eliminates the need to reformulate the recipe.
  • Save measurement data for color quality reporting
  • Optional hu-weigh helps the operator weigh the exact amounts of ink components to correct the color.


  • Simplified, flexible, automated color management workflow for flexo and gravure applications
  • Dramatically reduce the number of ink corrections needed to achieve optimal color
  • High return on investment via ink and substrate waste savings 
  • Increased press productivity due to faster setup
  • Complete color expert capability 
  • Works with water-based and solvent-based inks
  • Easy to install on any press type, independent of press manufacturer
  • No need to add weight scales for each ink tank
  • Quick and convenient access to data provides color quality assurance
  • Deliver absolute color consistency press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant.
  • Meet or exceed brand owner expectations
  • Provides a new competitive advantage to attract brand owners and print buyers

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