All MGA products are tested and cleared in our analytical laboratory.

In cooperation with our customers other aspects can also be tested, such as packaging material, substrate and adhesive.

Depending on the purpose of the analysis, individual tests of food-packaging can be performed. Such as:

  • Definition of overall migration:
    The adsorbens Tenax is used as a tester for fats at high temperatures. Due to its large surface and good adsorption capacity Tenax is also highly suitable for dry foods at room temperature.

  • Screening of migrating substances
    Gas-phase chromatograph flame detector (FID) and mass spectrometer (MS) are used to allocate migrating substances in extract solutions from Tenax.

  • Detecting of specific migrating substances
    Certain migrates are measured with specific methods and applicable substances. According to the task the analysis is performed with gas or fluid chromatograph. (FID-, MS-, UV-Detection).

  • Definition of migration potentials
    Possible migration substances are located with standard extraction tests and a final analysis with a gas-phase chromatograph for packaging material. Internal standards semi-quantify the concentration of the migrants.

  • Remaining solvents
    To determine the level of residual solvents, a statical headspace-extraction analysis is performed, using a gas-phase chromatograph, quantifying by external calibration to a standard.

  • Organoleptic testing
    Organoleptic testing is conducted according to DIN EN 1230.


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