Social Responsibility

Businesses set trends

Environmental protection and sustainability are becoming ever more important issues on businesses' agenda. Demand for ecologically optimised products is growing around the world. Many leading manufacturers of branded goods have committed to promoting sustainability in keeping with the idea of them demonstrating general responsibility, and they are intensifying their efforts to optimise their products in order to "green up" their footprint. From the consumers' point of view, it's frequently difficult to obtain or keep track of the overall picture. For this reason, governmental and non-governmental organisations award eco-labels that lay down specific standards.

Demands for sustainability with print products

Manufacturers of print products can also apply for eco-certification of their wares. Some eco-labels are inter-nationally recognised and offer printhouses and branded goods manufacturers an effective tool for demonstrating their sense of responsibility for and commitment to the environment. Until now, the only positive thing many environmental labels signified about print products was the use of certified
recycling paper in their production. They completely ignored whether the products had been printed in accordance with ecological criteria or not.
Now, however, demands are being made for manufacturers to stop using undesirable substances in the printing and postprint finishing processes and to limit solvent emissions in the form of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from inks, coatings, fount and wash-up solutions.

"Blue Angel" and others

Here you will find detailed information on the most important eco-labels for commercial print products.



Our Responsibility

To enable print production according to the standards of the Eco-label, we have our famous ink series RESISTA and QUICKFAST for a cobalt-free pressure developed.


hubergroup goes COFREE

hubergroup fulfils its corporate responsibility as printing-ink manufacturer to strengthen the sustainable development of print products and to promote certification with any of the eco-labels.